(The section below is taken from "KEYS Counts 2004", a publication that can be downloaded at a link to the right.)

KEYS Density mapWho are we? What is our community composed of? How have we grown and changed as a community? These are all questions which are answered by demographics, which help us to better understand our communities' make-up. It is important to realize and respect the diversity and similarities of each community; the individual squares of a patchwork quilt. The information below helps us to envision what our quilt might look like today and how it has changed in its appearance since 1990.


Change in Total Population

Total Population by Age



Change in Ethnicity/Race





Unless otherwise noted, graph and chart data are from the U.S Census, 1990 and 2000. If you would like more specific or detailed information about any of the data sources, please call 207-438-9100.


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